Cityscape Bristol mug

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£24.00 / pack(s)
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1 unit(s) = £4.00

1 unit(s) = £4.00

This is one of a range of seven mugs which compliment the "cityscape" card, badge and postcard ranges. The cityscape mug collection comprises a set of four graphic images depicting key features of the built and natural environment of four major UK cities. This series of “printed products is inspired by the “icons of each city and the cultural alliance we each have with the places we are connected to. Customers will drink from them proudly to express an affection with a place that holds a fond memory. Choose from Manchester, Liverpool, London, Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Listing info

This listing is for packs of 6 mugs each sized approximately 97x80x80mm.

Made in the UK

Pack info

Pack size = 6 units consisting of one of the three designs.

Packaging consists of a strong cardboard box with sticker to front for display.

Packs are well padded for breakage security in transit.


Unit cost £4

Rrp £10 per unit


MOQ 6 units

Increase order in increments of 6

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