Apathetic Erm generic card

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£6.60 / pack(s)
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery
1 unit(s) = £1.10

1 unit(s) = £1.10

A graphically simplistic generic card to compliment the "Apathy" range of t shirts, mugs and coasters. These cards cut to the chase and provide an honest sentimental greeting, for customers who wish to point out their inner feelings on a particular occassion. In this case, erm (stalling)… To the front the card reads: Erm, was I supposed to get you a present?

Listing Info

Available in a single (square) size at 150x150mm

Made in the UK

Pack Info

Pack size = 6.

Card is blank inside for customers to write their own message

Includes red envelope and packaged individually in cellophane for protection.


Unit cost £1.10

Rrp £2.75 per unit


MOQ 6 units

Increase order in increments of 6

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