Cityscape Bristol badge multipack of four

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£15.00 / pack(s)
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1 unit(s) = £2.50

1 unit(s) = £2.50

A range of button badge (packs of four) at 38mm diameter depicting major UK cities as simple graphic landscapes. The UK cityscape range aims to capture the character of each city through careful use of colour and form. Each landscape highlights the most iconic urban aspects and simplifies their forms into imagery that is pleasing on the eye. Customers will buy to celebrate their connection with each city, whether they simply love where they live, enjoy discovering new places or wish to collect the range as a travelling UK patriot! Can be attached to a bag or jacket with pride. Choose from pack of four Manchester, Liverpool, London, Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh, East badges (Newcastle, Leeds, London, Edinburgh) or West badges (Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol).

Listing info

Available in a single size badge at 38mm

Made in the UK

Pack info

Pack size = 4 badges per pack with 6 packs per order.

Packaged in fours with a euroslotted card back for impact and display

Covered with a small cellophane bag for protection.


Unit cost £2.50

Rrp £6.00 per unit


MOQ 6 units

Increase order in increments of 6

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