Hi! We are rethinkthings. A TRADE only design brand. We PRODUCE exciting objects from bright creative minds to offer character, wisdom, wit and wackiness. We CREATE things that speak your mind to make GIFTS more thoughtful and HOME more human.


Things that speak your mind

Rethinkthings LTD is a UK (Liverpool) based, design-led home and gift brand. We design, develop and produce exciting products from bright creative minds. A trade only brand, founded by Ilsa Parry (Design Deviant) in 2011, our mission is to provide meaningful tools for living. Whether through intelligent thinking, character, wisdom, wit or sheer wackiness, we strive to bring you alternative “things” of deeper thought, to spark conversations and tell stories through design thinking.


History (as told by director Ilsa Parry)

The idea for “rethinkthings” as a design led product brand offering “alternative tools for living” first came to me at New Designers in 2003 when I was a University graduate, out at my first show, attempting to break into the industrial world of creativity. I wanted to create a company that could create interesting products which challenged our perceptions of everyday existence. 

The brand started in earnest after many failed attempts in 2009 following my success as winner of BBC2 (Design for Life with Philippe Starck) reality documentary. The publicity I received off the back of this TV appearance meant that I had an incredible opportunity to get my early concepts off the ground and into the hearts and minds of the public. I began with my much acclaimed (and most successful) product “Kaspa” ghost lamp which produced (back then) light without energy. 

I produced several batches and took them to trade shows around the UK, sometimes as rethinkthings and sometimes in collaboration with friends as “5ml design collective”. Doing this afforded me the oppurtonity to test the market with other ideas I had seen prototyped by colleagues and graduates and rethinkthings became not only a producer of design led goods but a licensor and our little brand grew from one product to around eight. 

Along the way there have been many products that didn’t quite make it, they were either too conceptual or too expensive to produce for our market. We always wanted to make creativity accessible and affordable, so working in this way went against our original philosophy of challenging the “everyday”. Through much refinement and experimentation with the affordability of different processes, we eventually moved towards graphic and illustration based ranges which felt like a more palatable medium to use to make a connection with the minds of many.

In 2012 we began the arduous task of a full rebrand. We extracted all of the items that didn’t work for us and developed ranges for those that did. This takes us to where we are today four years on. A much more funky, fresh and most importantly accessible brand. We plan to develop the ranges we have using our (now) in house craft and small batch based production facilities to customise and extend our creative thinking to appeal to a broad group of people so that our products make a cultural mark in history as an impression of our social landscape.

We hope you enjoy our products and continue to support our mission. 

Please also visit our sister sites, our multidisciplinary design studio www.ilsaparry.com and our retail store where we endeavour to support the work of other creative minds www.myne.boutique 





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A trade only website where retailers and other commercial organisations can purchase design led home and giftware.



Design studio and head office - Studio 1 Ward Street Liverpool L3 5XX.




Office phone - 0044 (0) 151 538 4592


Email - info@rethinkthings.co.uk


Web - www.rethinkthings.co.uk



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Physical shops

Myne Boutique - Liverpool

Retail Unit 5, Bluecoat Chambers

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Bouf - www.bouf.com

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Designer profiles


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Our studio exists as a place for idea development, design prototyping and batch production of ranges. We proudly display our trade collections here and assemble our goods for trade and retail sale. It’s a small but cosy space, full of warmth and fun.


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Bluecoat store

Our shop at Bluecoat Chambers - MYNE boutique

Selling rethinkthings items and the work of 100 other designers and small brands



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